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My Services

Welcome to Astrology, as it is the study of the movement and relative positions of celestial objects as a means of divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events. The astrology services include Love life report, Marriage Prospects, Health Report, Business report, Career report, Rajyog, Astros talk, Ask 1 question, Ask 3 question, Annual report etc.


Acharya Kuldeep Ji will give you a detailed report on the Rajayogas present in your chart and it is a especially designed report which gives you the idea of ancient way of predicting Rajayogas. A perfect Rajayoga in a chart can uplift your career to a dizzy heights. He will also give you an analysis on all aspects of your life according to Vedic dasha system for the coming five years. Be better equipped to deal with the future and order your report now.

Marriage Prospects

Marriages are made in heaven and solemnized on the earth. It is such an experience which enables you to understand life to the optimum. That is why it becomes the most important event of your life. Find out which is the best time to get married. Vedic match making of the two birth charts will be done and comparison of all planets of both the natives is done in a juicy way which gives you a different perspective of both the individuals which they will know by and by when they live together. If ready to get married then don’t waste time to order now.

Health Report

Health is the ultimate luxury which a man can enjoy. It is also very paradoxical that a healthy man can never evaluate the health till he falls sick. If we bifurcate disease then it sounds dis-ease. Ayurveda or Medical astrology believes that a man is born with a disease however it may take ages to surface. Medical Astrology is the only device which can tell you in advance when and where the basic factor of body i.e. Vat (air), Pitt (heat) and Kaff (phlegm) create disorder in the body. To know more about health order now!

Business Report

The horoscope of the individual is analyzed in detail according to Vedic principals and the best possible time for business gains is found. Specific questions regarding business can be asked e.g. whether one can start a business, when to start a business etc. such questions will be answered. Muhurth or selection of an auspicious time is the only device which has been given by the Universe to the mankind. If business is done or initiated at the right time then the entire cosmos starts conspiring how to make it a grand success. Acharya Kuldeep Ji gives guidance on such matters.

Career Report

Get an astrological prediction about your career for 1 year and the course that your career will take. Whether you are setting out on a new career or are at an important point in your professional life; get the answers. Acharya Kuldeep Ji will also provide guidance on achieving your long term career goals. Order your report and make the best of the information. What you know can help you steer your career


Welcome to Acharya Kuldeep ji We often get queries from our readers related to the right direction for their houses, suggestions for constructing commercial buildings, vastu tips for a peaceful and more fulfilling life…. Well, to answer all your queries and to help you understand this directional science better, we have come up with .

Astro Talk ! 92533 98482, 7027798482

Talk to Acharya Kuldeep Ji and discuss all matters with him. You can seek his guidance and predictions about all aspects of your life and any immediate question or matter that concerns you. Astro Talk is a device in which one can discuss all his / her problems at length. The time is no bar. Call and book an appointment now!